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Brothels of Melboure is a collection of all the brothels in and around Melbourne. The website contains a full list , locations , prices  and possibly all the details about specials and other features of the brothels in Melbourne.

Prostitution is legal in Australia. It is controlled by the appropriate state and territory laws. The Prostitution Control Act 1994 legalizes the prostitution in brothels and Escort agencies in Victoria. It is legal to visit, seek services and pay a prostitute in exchange for sex.

Most of the brothels are accessible via a taxi and can be reached for as low as $20. In addition to providing wonderful experience these brothels also offer massage and other relaxation services. You can also access escort services and find a listing of escort services of Melbourne here.

Visitors and clients provide useful and accurate information to maintain this site. If you have visited a brothel and have found that your experience there was not consistent with the experience on this site please send us an email. Also please help us better update the information by visiting the approrpiate page and leaving a review for the brothel or simply providing the correct information.





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